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CTI Group Worldwide Services, Inc., founded in 1987, focused on recruiting skilled workers for the cruise and hospitality industries. Since then, we have expanded to offer full service marine and corporate travel, money transfer and UNO, our garment manufacturing line. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we have grown to include branch offices in UK, China, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Over the years CTI Group has transfered over 200 million dollars of crew members' monies. The concept of SeaPay was born as a better, more efficient alternative to standing in line and filling out forms for money transfers.

The SeaPay Payroll Card Program
CTI Group launched the SeaPay Payroll Card along with a group of international banking and money remittance partners. Our partners have provided card services to the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, and as such are uniquely qualified to provide an international payroll solution. Overseas workers benefit by having access to an efficient way to make purchases without constantly exchanging currency. Also, most need a method of sending money home to family and friends. Between thousands of miles and many time-zones, it is difficult for shipboard Crew to communicate with those back home, and the rigors of shipboard and resort work do not leave a lot of free time. A crew member armed with our card can access his or her own funds anytime at over 1 million ATM's, over 20 million worldwide locations and transfer funds between their own accounts. Our card is a must for the professional overseas employee.

Throughout our development, CTI Group’s commitment to long term, solid relationships with our clients, and "client first" orientation has never wavered. For nearly twenty years we have succeeded in providing the best crew, products and services to discerning companies worldwide.

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