Crew Benefits and Features

When considering the unique lifestyle of seafaring personnel, the complete package of benefits and options make the SeaPay Program the best choice!

The Card

Each pay period, your full pay is loaded onto the SeaPay card and is available immediately!

Program Features:

• FREE online account access provides the ability to effortlessly keep track of transactions
• 24-hour Customer Support
• Never stand in line to do money transfer
• Enjoy the purchasing power and convenience of your own Visa branded card
• Make online purchases
• Easy access to millions of ATMs worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Safety and Security are enhanced since you will no longer have to physically carry cash
• Convenience is increased, no need to wait in lines to cash checks or pick up cash
• Reduce high money transfer fees
• Money is accessed as needed, rather than having to be fully redeemed at one time
• Accepted anywhere Visa® logos are displayed
• Secured by PIN code or signature

Wage Statements

Wage Statements represent a snapshot in time immediately following the calculation of a scheduled payroll. Online Wage statements are available 24/7 through our web service.

Card to Card Transfer

By using the SeaPay Card-To-Card Transfer Option, cardholders can transfer money to anyone that they have given the SeaPay2 card. The transfer is done instantly at a fraction of the cost of sending a wire transfer.

Money Transfer

Whether you are sending money to a family member or to your own bank account, SeaPay makes the process of transferring funds fast, secure and simple. We offer competitive pricing, easy-online order processing, and prompt delivery with an emphasis on security, accuracy and compliance


SeaPay2 partner card, offers cruise line employees an avenue for an efficient and secure way of remitting their hard earned income to family members in their home countries.

Online Payment Acceptance

The SeaPay prepaid card opens up new opportunities and options for crew members such as online shopping. Not only is online shopping convenient but also offers discounted rates. In fact, some products are available online-only. Therefore, some crew members might miss out on an opportunity, if they don’t hold a prepaid card.

Multiple Currencies

We at SeaPay have always known that seagoing personnel is an international workforce, thus from the ground up we designed the SeaPay card to be truly global. This is why we offer card currencies in US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros or Swiss Francs.

Customer Service

Customer Service is available 24/7 from anywhere. Our agents can be reached over the phone at 1-877-928-4872, at, or send us an e-mail by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab on our web portal.

Email Alerts

Email Alert Service is a simple and effective way to get basic information about your accounts. These services keep cardholders up-to-date with card status and recent deposits.

Management Tools

The SeaPay Dashboard and Paymaster Sites are proprietary systems, included with the SeaPay Program, which can be customized to management specifications.

Mobile Website

Cardholders can enjoy free mobile account access. Features include access to card balances, transaction purchases in real-time and account histories. Initiate a SeaPay to SeaPay2 card to card transfer right from your smart phone.

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