Chip & PIN Security

A Chip and PIN card is globally accepted and more secure than magstripe only cards. Cardholders are asked to input a 4-digit PIN when paying for goods. The chip prevents the card from being counterfeited and the PIN uniquely identifies the owner of the card and prevents a lost or stolen card from unauthorized use.

Chip and PIN

Chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) cards work by using smartcard technology that replaces the magnetic strip on the back of traditional credit cards with a microchip. In order to confirm your identity when making a purchase, a personal identification number must be entered. The reason for the modification is the development of black market technology that can read and write the standard magnetic strips, making replication easy. This technology provides banks, vendors and merchants with a single, interoperable set of specifications for chip-enabled payment cards and acceptance devices. Across Europe and Asia more than 24,000 banks worldwide and other payment providers are in the process of issuing a quarter of a billion Visa EMV chip and PIN cards and upgrading millions of card acceptance devices.

A more comprehensive audit trail of the card transaction is provided, allowing cardholders, retailers and businesses and payment service providers to better determine whether transactions were genuine or fraudulent.

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