Corporate Benefits

The SeaPay payroll platform was designed to help businesses increase efficiency, reduce the cost of payroll processing while offering their employees a safer way to manage their finances. Save time, money and avoid the challenges of paying
a global workforce.

SeaPay Card Corporate Benefits

Let SeaPay be your Payroll Partner

SeaPay provides many great benefits to the employer to assist in payroll delivery.The costs associated with delivering payroll either by check or cash is expensive and time consuming. The labor cost stuffing envelopes with cash and then the actual delivery is a huge burden to the shipboard teams. In the event crew are paid by check the average cost for a company to issue checks is $2.00 each. In both cases the employer is challenged logistically to ensure the payroll checks or cash is on the ship and available to the crew on payroll day regardless of where the ship is operating. The SeaPay card eliminates worry of missing a payroll delivery date and the hassle of cash and check delivery to the vessel. SeaPay provides all this convenience in addition to significant reduction in payroll delivery costs. Another significant component is the extensive benefits provided to the crew which enhances the life of the crew and increases retention.

Employer Benefits

  • Significantly reduce payroll costs
  • Easily interfaces with all existing payroll programs
  • Improve Treasury Function with improved cash flow management
  • Streamline payroll processes
  • Always deliver pay on time
  • Significantly reduce human error in payroll delivery process
  • Fulfill termination pay requirements more easily
  • Contribute to corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Avoid the risk of crew members carrying large amounts of cash
  • Increase crew member satisfaction and productivity by providing full banking solution
  • Enhance the life of the crew member
  • Minimize fraud losses, theft, stop payment costs and out-of-cycle checks
  • Eliminate escheatment process for paper paychecks
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