Frequently Asked Questions

Card Fundamentals

  • Q. What exactly is a “SeaPay” Visa Prepaid card?
  • A. A truly Global Smart Prepaid Card !! Think of it as an enhanced ATM card. The chip on the card adds extra security. Many countries have implemented the chip card so as you travel the globe, you are already prepared. It has all the benefits of an ATM card--you can use it to get cash, for example--you can also use it to make purchases at stores, movies, restaurants, and internet, just about anywhere you would use cash. Each purchase is deducted from your card balance; you won't be paying any finance charges, as you may with a credit card. You also have the option to withdraw cash from approximately 1.5 million Visa ATM's worldwide.
  • Q. When will I receive my card?
  • A. You will receive your card from the Paymaster onboard ship before your first salary payment is due.
  • Q. How do I activate my cards?
  • A. Your card will automatically be activated upon your initial payroll.
  • Q. Can I request a second card (SeaPay2 card)?
  • A. The SeaPay Visa Card Program includes two cards. One card is for your payroll and one you can send to a family member or to your partner living in your household. It is a great way to transfer money at a low cost from your card to their card.
  • Q. How do I transfer money from my “SeaPay” card to my “SeaPay2” card?
  • A. Login to , select “Card to Card Transfer” and follow the easy instructions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Q. Can I have more than one SeaPay2 prepaid cards?
  • A. YES, you can order additional SeaPay2 cards for members of your household.
  • Q. Do you conduct credit checks?
  • A. We do not conduct any credit checks.
  • Q. What fees are currently associated with the SeaPay prepaid Visa card?
  • A. Please log on to for fees / charges or check your welcome kit.
  • Q. What if I forget my “Username” or “Login Password”?
  • A. Log on to and look for the “Forgot user name or password” link on the home Page and follow instructions.
  • Q. What happens when I terminate employment?
  • A. You may continue to use your card until the available funds are used then the card will be blocked

Using My Card

  • Q. Where can I use my card?
  • A. You and your family member/partner/ can use your Visa prepaid card worldwide at more than 28 million Visa merchants as well as on the internet. You can also withdraw cash from more than 1.5 million ATM’s worldwide displaying the Visa logo.
  • Q. I get paid in dollars, can I withdraw local currency?
  • A. Yes, both the SeaPay and SeaPay2 cards can withdraw cash at ATM’s in local currency and use the card with any merchant that displays the Visa logo and - are equipped with an electronic acceptance device.
  • Q. How much cash can I withdraw from ATM per day?
  • A. You may be limited by an individual ATM operator on cash withdrawal. Your SeaPay prepaid card has a maximum $1,000 withdrawal limit.
  • Q. What happens if my card is declined?
  • A. Either, there are insufficient funds on your card for your purchase or the terminal is unable to go online to verify that you have funds on your card.
  • Q. Can I spend more than what is available on the card?
  • A. As this is a prepaid Visa card, you can only spend the available funds on the card. Every time a transaction is approved, funds will be deducted immediately from your balance.

Customer Services

  • Q. What if my SeaPay Visa card is lost or stolen?
  • A. You must safeguard your card at all times; however, if you do misplace it contact the shipboard PayMaster immediately. The PayMaster has the ability to block your card and to provide you with a temporary card and transfer the available balance. If you are not onboard, please immediately call SeaPay Customer service number or login to the SeaPay website for the customer service contact information ( Until the Issuing bank has received the report of lost/stolen cards, you will be responsible for any fraudulent card usage which might occur.
  • Q. When does my Visa prepaid card expire?
  • A. The card will have an expiration date on the front of the card which is typically up to three years. If your card expires during your employment, a new card will be issued to you.
  • Q. How do I update my personal information?
  • A. You can update your personal information, by logging on to and go to the “My Profile” link.
  • Q. How do I check my balance of my SeaPay or SeaPay2 card?
  • A. You see your balance via the web at ,at via your cell phone , or you can call the SeaPay Customer Service number.
  • Q. Why does the card have a chip and PIN?
  • A. This is a much more secure way to pay, significantly reducing the possibility of anyone copying your card and using it without your permission When using a card to pay at the checkout, among an increasing number of merchants, the cardholder will be asked to enter a secret 4-digit PIN (personal identification number) instead of signing a receipt to complete the transaction and prove they are the rightful owner. Also, you will be required to enter your PIN whenever making any financial transactions onboard with the Paymaster.
  • Q. Will my new Visa chip card still need to be signed on the reverse?
  • A. Yes. Your signature will be required at those shops which do not accept Chip and PIN and will require your signature.
  • Q. How will I know my PIN?
  • A. Your card issuer will send you your PIN when you receive your new chip and PIN card.
  • Q. What happens if I get my PIN wrong?
  • A. For security reasons, your PIN will be locked if you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row. Simply call Customer Service and they will assist you.
  • Q. What if I forget my PIN?
  • A. Call customer service and our customer service representative will assist you.
  • Q. How will chip and PIN benefit me?
  • A. You won’t have the inconvenience of having your card used fraudulently at merchants locations that are equipped with terminals capable of accepting the PIN e.g. if your card is stolen and used without your permission. Consumers will simply need to tap in a four digit PIN to complete a transaction.
  • Q. Will the PIN I use for making purchases be the same as the PIN used for cash withdrawals at the cash machine?
  • A. Yes. Each new Visa chip and PIN card will have one PIN that can be used at both cash machines and to make purchases.
  • Q. Who else knows my PIN and who is it safe to reveal my PIN to?
  • A. No-one except you (not even the card issuing staff) knows your PIN. The PIN must not be disclosed to anyone (including your card issuer, the police and point-of-sale staff). However, if you do think someone has found out your PIN, you must contact your card issuer immediately to have a new PIN issued. Your card issuer will never ask you to disclose your PIN.

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