SeaPay Payroll Card

Payroll cards are an ideal alternative to cash or check payments. On payday, the cardholder’s net pay is electronically deposited onto their SeaPay Prepaid Payroll Card. SeaPay works like a direct deposit, even for those who do not have a bank account.

The SeaPay Payroll Solution offers the following:

1. Cash withdrawal and deposits at the Pursers' Office
2. ATM access 24/7 at over 1.5 million ATM’s
3. Perform online purchases
4. Use as a debit card at over 200 million merchants worldwide
5. Withdraw cash from a Bank

Wage Statements

Wage statements represent a snapshot in time immediately following the calculation of a scheduled payroll. Online Wage statements are available 24/7 through our web service. SeaPay uses secure encryption technology and password protection to ensure all information is safe and confidential. Detail information is available to all employees/cardholders about their current pay period, hours worked, pay rate, bonus, vacation, allotments, deductions and payroll taxes (if any).


SeaPay Cardholders may print or email the Wage Statement directly from our website. Also, Wage Reports are available providing a list all wage distribution details, by a selected date range, and may be e-mailed or printed for record keeping.

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